Combination Visits

The My Proud Havana network will let you get the most from your visit to Havana. All our accommodations have the same comfort standards. Should any one of your preferences not be available for the length of your stay, you may choose our Combination Visit option. For example, you could tour Habana Vieja’s museums, mansions and squares and then soak up the different flavor of Modern Havana with its bars, restaurants and Malecon area. If this is perfect for you, let our Sales Rep know.

Note: My Proud Havana covers all transportation costs among accomodations in the Combination Visit.

Moving Around Havana

Havana has more public transportation than any developed country but not all of them are efficient enough to move around the city. Some of these are the famous guaguas (buses), Cocotaxis, bici-taxis and all other possible types of taxis. We would recommend both private and official taxis: sometimes you will need to negotiate the price beforehand. If adventure and thriftiness are your thing, take one of those vintage pre-1970 American cars known as almendrones: they run along regular routes throughout the city. And don’t forget our tourist bus, just like anywhere in the world: the Habana Bus Tour double-deckers cover the whole city and even get you to the Playas del Este.

Where to Eat or Have a Drink

Recently Havana has been offering more varied and exciting night-life options.

The city has become quite dynamic, providing new places to eat, drink and get together with friends.

Privately-run restaurants and cafés are receiving a lot of attention these days but they still have a long way to go.

My Proud Havana would like to suggest some spots for your enjoyment.